Let’s share our ideas

Hello. My name is Zivi Kivi and I am a proffesional magician and balloon artist. But that wasn’t always the case, I used to work in the software industry and got the magic bug at age 28, almost nine years ago.

By constantly sharing my ideas and learning from other magicians and balloon artists (in the web, through convenstions, and in social media and real life meetings) I have manged to improve my knowledge and I encourage you to do the same.

I really love helping. Contact me with ANY question and comment. My favorite topics are childrent entertainment, family magic shows and marketing ideas for magicians and entertainers.

Champion Building System


This system was created in 2012 and I am using it ever since. It helps you convert customers into mean marketing machines. They do all the work for you and this obviously helps with word to mouth. But most importantly – it is done while giving actual value to the customer and to the birthday kid so in a sense – its a purely win win situation. And get this – it takes only 20 minutes per show and allows you to raise your fees. For 47 USD, its a no brainer.

To buy the CBS please press this button.


Pizza Calculator – a WordPress Plugin

Pizza Calculatore

The Pizza calculator is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to help mom and pop to save money by not ordering to much pizza to the birthday. The calculator font and colors can be set easily and the process of embedding the calculator is so easy with a shortcode. The plugin comes with documentation, and my own personal support. How cool is that?

The calculator takes into account the age of the kids in avarage, the amount of them, and whether or not the parent wants to feed the adults as well. It works seamlessly since it is based on AJAX  technology which means that there are no hassle refreshes of the screen. By having a page with this calculator you also imrpove your SEO organic traffic.

Grab a copy for 47 USD and start building your relationship for one more reason.

Main features:

  • Help your customers save money
  • Allow them to engage with your website
  • Build organic traffic
  • Build your relationships
  • Hassle free – install, set the color and font size and add a shortcode wherever you want
  • documentation included

You will be allowed to use a coupon code if you have one after pressing the button.

To see a live version of the calculator please go here: http://www.kamapizzot.co.il/

Here is a live calculator made by one of the magicians who purchased the Pizza Calculator Plugin:

Great Magician Clown gives Pizza Calculator

My friend Nick Twist is an awesome Balloon Artists from the UK who uses the Pizza Calculator WordPress Plugin

Yet another example of the Pizza Calculator

Do you want your link here for an SEO boost? Sure thing! just send me your pizza calculator link and I will add you in.

The plugin comes with high quality graphics for you to use:





Polyester – a Magic Trick by Zivi Kivi

To be totally fair with you and since the stock for this is running out, I don’t want to give you too much hope about Polyester. Most likely you will not be fast enough to grab one of the last copies on earth of Polyester. I do not plan to restock with my creation shape shifting stickers for 10 years now as I am going all digital with my stuff… Hope you can relate to that.

If you want to learn more – please visit www.zivikivi.co.il/polyester.html